Messianic Business Forum

Messianic Business Forum

A week and a half ago, Israel First Fruits ( hosted their fifth annual Messianic Business Forum in Jerusalem. The goal is to match budding Messianic Jewish and Arab Christian entrepreneurs with international investors to start businesses and better integrate into Israeli society. Our law firm sponsored and played a very active role in the forum.

On the first day a series of Israeli high-tech startups presented their inventions. Wow! They were amazing. Here are a few highlights:

1)      The production of protein from fruit flies to supplement animal protein to compensate for dwindling animal stock supplies.

2)      Interactive videos to assist in the recovery of brain injury victims.

3)      Bone replacement through growing coral in specially designed lakes and then using the coral to replace bones. Apparently, coral is stronger than bones and meshes with bone growth.

4)      Development of a fragrance that, strategically placed in agricultural fields, repels pests without the use of pesticides.

These are a few examples of how Israel blesses the nations, as promised in the Bible. I must say I was proud to be an Israeli as I listened to the presentations.

Later that day one of my partners and I met with potential investors concerning our project to assist young Israelis in buying their own homes. I have attached a summary of the proposal to the bottom of this blog. That evening I had the honor of opening the dinner with a short message and prayer to about 150 people.

The following day we met with more investors and then held our own seminar about investing in real estate and business in Israel. I shared the investing in real estate part. If you’re interested in a video of the presentation, write to me.

At the conclusion of the two-day event, our daughter, Jennifer, accompanied by our son-in-law, Jonah, led worship to begin the dinner. When a number of the internationals discovered she was my daughter, they congratulated me – she did a great job! I confused them when I said the guitarist was my son-in-law, because many know Jennifer’s husband, Judah. I explained Jonah was married to another daughter of mine. The people looked relieved.



Investment Opportunity

High returns. low risk. no hassle.

Generate long-term income by investing in property in Israel without the usual hassle and expensive fees.

Our experienced team of lawyers at Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh (CDPB)created an investment platform with anticipated returns of 15% for every 5 years and optimal risk distribution. Using our platform that's based on matching investors with pre-qualified Israeli residents ("partner owners"), the investor will receive returns through mortgage payments and increased property value, and will be able to avoid expensive maintenance and management fees.


Investing in Israeli real estate is complex and often accompanied by large tax assessments. Because the investor is frequently subject to ongoing costs of regulation, property maintenance and management fees, cutting into returns, real estate investment from abroad is often cost prohibitive.

Investment with Mutual Benefits

A team of professionals including real estate experts, financial advisers, and project managers formed by CDPB will match investors to qualified Israeli partner owners (meeting strict criteria) who wish to purchase a home. With a contracted partnership between investors and partner owners, investors will avoid foreign investment taxes, minimize administrative and management liabilities, and maximize returns.

InCome Home Project benefits both investors and partner owners.

·         Investors will receive a stable ROI without the hassle of managing the property.

·         Israeli residents (as partner owners) will be able to purchase a home more easily


The 15% ROI will be generated from:

1. Monthly mortgage payments paid by partner owners.

2. Increased property value and equity.


This is an unprecedented investment opportunity, and no other firm or agency offers it. While it's possible others could imitate the idea, CDPB's strong relationship with the local community distinguish its service. And, the general nature of the investment vehicle limits the impacts of potential competition.


The first and primary step is to develop a list of interested investors looking for low risk returns and long-term income potential. Once we establish a core group of interested investors, our team will solidify the program logistics and launch the investment platform in full.


Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh offer a diverse legal team to help you process and manage your investment. CDPB is uniquely qualified to represent clients and businesses from around the world. They speak several languages and one partner, Jamie Cohen, is a member of two state bars in the U.S, a foreign lawyer in the Israel bar, and is experienced facilitating American-Israeli business relationships.